London Euston station tests bacteria killing ultraviolet technology

March 2, 2021

London Euston station has started a trial of ultraviolet technology to kill bacteria in order to protect the health and safety of commuters.

As part of the trial, Network Rail engineers have integrated the device into one of the station’s six escalators. The kit works by shining strong ultraviolet (UV-C) light onto the surface, cleaning and killing 99.99% of bacteria each time the escalator goes around. By continuously sterilising the handrail, the device will help to contain the spread of coronavirus and other harmful viruses.

Network Rail is currently testing out various anti-viral technology in its stations for keeping frequently touched surfaces hygienic.

In addition, a trial is also taking place at Leeds station where nitric oxide gas is being used to sterilise handrails.

London Euston station manager Joe Hendry said: “Throughout the pandemic station cleaning teams have made a heroic effort to protect passengers from harmful germs and control the spread of coronavirus. I’m proud this technology is part of a Network Rail trial at London Euston as the rail industry shares best practice as we emerge from the pandemic. I hope this UV technology will give passengers returning to public transport confidence when lockdown travel restrictions can be eased.”


This is valid as of 2nd March 2021.

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