At Barbour, we always put our customers first.  Here’s what they have to say about us.

I have used Barbour for 7 years to help build our International Registers. Although they only had a small number of countries available at first, this has grown considerably over the last few years enabling us to build our Registers as well as keeping up to date with the changes in Country Legislation.

They have also listened to our requirements in respect to specific statutory requirements and are developing an easy to use schedule for the test & inspection for Statutory Assets to help ensure compliance to Country Regulations.

Access to the system is quick and easy and the Search Option provides access to so much information for so many Countries, from preparing new Toolbox Talks to developing a new Legal Register.

They also provide Training support for all Team members with regular reviews of our account and updates on the service changes etc.

Global Compliance Lead, Commercial Real Estate Services

Having initially adopted the UK Health & Safety module, we were really impressed with the content, its ease of access and clarity, and the quality of content and ongoing customer support. As a result, we have now extended our contract to include UK & International H&S, Environmental, Fire and Estates & Facilities Management modules. Using Barbour has provided a huge range of quantifiable benefits to our business, and I’d have no hesitation in recommending them.

Comprehensive client

One of the primary objectives of Health & Safety and Environmental Management is to stay Legally Compliant. Since I subscribed to Barbour Consolidated, I have found it to be of huge benefit – my previous method illustrated I had downloaded inaccurate, out-of-date information from a range of Internet search engines.

I was able to update and improve my information with total confidence; the format and layout of Barbour Consolidated information makes it easy to understand, relate and connect it to an organisation and makes the ‘evaluation of compliance’ more meaningful. The ‘what’s new’ section is brilliant!

The way the information is laid out in different categories makes it very user friendly and helpful — it’s a breakthrough in the minefield of legislation and a must have investment for all practitioners involved in H&S and EMS. Thank you Barbour Consolidated team.

Waste management organisation

Using Barbour Comprehensive for our legal registers, both for Health and Safety and Environment, has made my life much easier.

When changes and updates are made to any of the documents we hold in our registers, I am alerted and as well as the updated legislation a summary is provided to help me quickly understand the impacts the changes may have on our business.

As well as the legal documents, Barbour provide a vast library of information in many formats which we have used to promote conversations and focus areas throughout all levels of our business.

We are regularly updated by our Account Manager, Sharon, on any changes or innovations to the product, and Sharon has also provided excellent training for both myself and our teams on how to get the best from the system.


Barbour Consultancy was recommended to us a few years ago after a tough 14001 audit during which our aspects & impacts and legal registers were scrutinised and subsequently heavily criticised! After a few e-mails, a telephone consultation and a site visit, we became the proud owners of greatly simplified and comprehensive registers.

We have been so impressed with the quality and clarity of service from Barbour Consultancy that we have used them to set up and maintain our environmental registers across 2 sites and recently expanded that to include our Health & Safety register also. At all stages of consultation and periodic review, the advice/updates provided is no-nonsense, concise and easy to understand.

Maintaining compliance really has never been easier and the peace of mind that using their services provide means that I would recommend them to anyone considering using them.

Quality & Environmental Systems Controller, Security Services Organisation

We signed up to the Barbour Comprehensive platform in May 2022 as we were looking at an effective way of making sure our IMS System remained compliant to the legislation elements of the ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 standards. The induction process was superb, and the support given by the Barbour EHS team during this process was outstanding.

We have chosen the Health & Safety and the Environment & Energy modules as they were the best fit for our business, in particular the Legal Register which is very comprehensive. Building this element is still a work in progress for us, but, so far, we have found it easy to use and the training we have been provided definitely makes it a straightforward process.

As QHSE Manager, I use Barbour EHS every day to search for relevant content covering a variety of topics. The Technical Guides, Director’s Briefings and Employee Factsheets are very informative, but one of the highlights has been the Toolbox talks which are always up to date, exceptionally useful, cover an extensive range of topics and have been very well received by the team.

Where previously we would have to trawl the web searching for information then manually filtering what is relevant and current, we now have access to regular webinars & briefing emails which means that we are always up to date, and we don’t miss anything.

In a nutshell, Barbour EHS is an invaluable resource which provides up-to-date, easily accessible information. It not only enables us to remain compliant but also saves us valuable time in a constantly changing world of EHS legislation.

QHSE Manager, Building Services Contractor Organisation

I just wanted to take the time to write to you regarding my customer experience with Barbour.

As you may recall, our company approached Barbour in Dec 2020 to enquire about Legal Registers. We did not have the facts as to what we needed, but had a reasonable idea of what we wanted. After discussions with your Sales Team, I then received a call from your good self to ensure that what my company intended to purchase (Barbour Comprehensive) was indeed right for us – it was – thank you.

I was then assigned a dedicated person to look after me and our account [Sharon Higgins, Head of Customer Care] for the next 3 years.

Sharon is without a doubt an SME, her knowledge has proven to assist me from setting up our Legal Register to providing timely and helpful advice regarding The Barbour EHS Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) package we purchased, which contains information, advice and guidance on the full extent of topics for a health and safety professional needs to improve decision making, understand complex information areas, reduce risk and manage projects.

Sharon enlightened me, without using jargon, on all the paramount information regarding the package we had purchased, including its special features and time saving ideas. I am a busy HSEQ professional, and any time saving ideas are always appreciated.

Sharon is extremely attentive and she listened to all my concerns and has been incredibly helpful and very patient with me, when trying to set up our Legal Register.  We recently underwent an external Audit, thanks to Sharon our Legal Registers were ready for viewing. Her advice is impeccable, invaluable and priceless to our business.

The Barbour legislation update service is fantastic to use and an extremely resourceful system. It has saved us a great deal of time, which has allowed us to concentrate on other improvements within our Business. Sharon has also alerted me to other resources available within Barbour EHS, for example: Directors Briefings, Toolbox Talks, Model Policies and Risk Assessments, which we utilise. Overall, Sharon’s knowledge and preparedness to ensured we get the most from the service is on point.

Sharon has demonstrated a caring approach and she is a true professional. Please accept and extend my gratitude towards her for the professionalism and superlative skills she has shown.

HSEQ & Training Manager

British Engines first researched into using Barbour Comprehensive as our standalone group legislation update service after hearing positive feedback from colleagues at an IOSH event. After carrying out some cost benefit analysis, we could see there were significant savings in combining our resources into one service, as historically we had subscriptions with three smaller services.

We requested a demonstration of the system and found that they were extremely supportive in ensuring we understood what Barbour could offer us not only in legislation updates but also thousands of HSE documents, policies, procedures, toolbox talks, CEO briefs and so on. The resource we now have access to seems endless.

We went on to purchase a subscription which has been of great use for our group in driving improvements, ensuring we are legally compliant and conforming with ISO 45001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. We have users now around the group and legal registers in place across several sites.

The support from Barbour along the way has been first class and at this moment in time we plan to subscribe again next year.

Head of Health, Safety and Environment, British Engines

I wanted to say what a great resource Barbour Comprehensive has proved to be. Over the last 17 years I have worked in H&S in numerous industries, Housing, construction and more recently Manufacturing in precision engineering.

I have bought Barbour into every company I have worked for.  Not only do I find it incredible useful for gap analysis and keeping on top of legislation all the companies I have since departed have kept it in place.

It is something I recommend to people all the time, not just because of its functionality but also due to the people that run it.  I have had a few account managers over my time and each and every one has been a delight to work with and always goes, what I feel, is a step beyond to ensure I have all the support I need.

I hope to keep working with Barbour for more years to come and hope you continue to be the high standard, faultless H&S service I have come to know and love.

Health & Safety Compliance Manager, Machining Manufacturer

Barbour offers fantastic value for money. Their Comprehensive service is exceptional and they have an informative sales team happy to help with any query.

The updates to documents and briefings are well written, technically sound and easy to understand.

Head of Health, Safety and Environment, Insurance Brokers

Having recently assumed a wider regional role, it was important to ensure that our global Health & Safety system was robust and beyond reproach.

After spending many frustrating hours searching the web for key legislation across a diverse portfolio, I came across Barbour Comprehensive.

Having used Barbour early on in my career, I made contact and couldn’t be more pleased with the result.

Now my global team have up-to-date & relevant information within a few keystrokes – gone are the days of misinformation and endless web searches.

The website is easy to use and packed with resources we didn’t actually know we needed until presented with them.

We were fortunate at an early stage to work with a sales representative who actually cared about ensuring we chose the right products for our needs.

I can honestly say that Barbour has simplified our Health & Safety approach immeasurably.

Regional Facility Manager, RackSpace

“The Barbour legislation update service is an easy to use, efficient system. It has saved us a great deal of resources in terms of time, that we can now spend on making further improvements to our site. We are very happy with this service.”

Environmental Legislation and Standards Officer, Automation Solutions & Services

Our organisation has used Barbour EHS for the past 2 years. Within that time, we have set up and used on a regular basis the ‘Legal register’ section which has proven exceedingly useful.

The updates we receive from the Barbour system with regards to our specific documentation, again have proven very beneficial and indeed when the changes to the waste regulations came into force, we used the briefing to drive a MOC ‘Management of change’ for that section of the Legal register, which covered the changes from ‘no site licence required’ ‘changes to the transfer and consignment notes’.

This led us to provide additional training to our employees with regards to the specific changes to waste notes.

UK HSE&S Manager, Manufacturing

I am compelled to write to you – I wanted to say thank you formally for the assistance I received today. You were incredibly helpful and very patient with me trying to set up a legal register. I would also like to say thank you for the excellent series of webinars you have hosted over these difficult times, I really hope they continue!


We love the Barbour product. In a busy and ever-changing risk environment, we always need to be at the forefront of legislative or regulatory changes across the globe. Barbour EHS makes sure that we have the right information at the right time to maintain compliance. Support from our Head of Customer Services, Sharon is always personal, responsive and professional.

Multinational retailer

We value Barbour for its access to a wide range of health and safety, environmental, facilities management and fire documents. Tools provided to help with day to day tasks such as auditing and briefings are very valuable. Barbour is very much embedded into our workflow. The account support we receive is always timely and knowledgeable.

Manager, multinational professional services firm

Barbour is frequently used across our business, primarily supporting our health, safety and FM functions. The system is easy to use, supported by a client manager who is available to swiftly respond to any system related questions or additional needs, such as access to specialist documents which were not on the system. We are planning to expand our functionality so that we can get the most of what Barbour offers. The one thing to keep an eye on is the licensed user details, recognising the ebb and flow of the workforce. That aside, we would recommend the system as a useful business support tool.

Head of Health, Safety, Environment and Wellbeing, multinational private security organisation

An excellent platform for environmental legal updates and a brilliant team who help me make sense of the legal jargon. Always very responsive and helpful to answer any of my questions.

Sustainability Manager, Real Estate & Facilities Management Organisation

Barbour has been an indispensable resource in navigating the complex landscape of health and safety legislation across Europe. As someone deeply involved in global manufacturing, I’ve found that Barbour’s comprehensive and up-to-date information allows us to maintain compliance with ease, reducing the time and effort typically spent on legal research.

The portal is not only rich in content but also exceptionally user-friendly. The search functionality is intuitive, making it simple to find specific guidelines or recommendations tailored to our operational needs. This feature has been particularly beneficial when we’ve expanded into new territories, providing a straightforward way to understand local regulations.

In the fast-paced world of EHS, staying informed is crucial. Barbour serves as a reliable, one-stop-shop for all things health and safety, allowing us to focus more on implementing best practices and less on sifting through endless legislative documents. It’s a must-have tool for any organisation committed to operational excellence.

Mark James CMIOSH, Corporate EHS Manager — Europe

I have implemented the use of Barbour Comprehensive in several companies and would not be without it. The information and documentation within it is extremely invaluable and makes for an effective and efficient way of not only keeping up to date with legal requirements, but also providing help to implement continual improvements to the management of health, safety and environment.

EHS Manager, Software Organisation

The Water Division of MGroup Services, which comprises: Morrison Water Services Ltd (MWS) , Planned Maintenance (Pennine) Ltd (PMP), IS Systems Ltd (IDS), Industrial Water Jetting Systems Ltd (IWJS) and Z-Tech Control Systems Ltd (Z-Tech), has recently adopted Barbour Comprehensive as our go-to place for legal reference material and resources to assist the Safety, Health and Environmental Specialists.

We have transferred our legal registers to the platform which has greatly enhanced our ability to ensure we remain current and consider changes to legislation that may affect our business.

We also now have access to a wealth of professionally prepared and up-to-date awareness and training material: factsheets, briefing notes and webinars we can adapt and use to improve the knowledge and understanding our management team and employees.

Throughout our transition to using the platform, our users have been provided with support, training, helpful advice and tips on how best to use what is now available to us. So far our queries, concerns and questions have been dealt with quickly and professionally with that personal touch and friendly approach that makes working with Barbour a pleasure.

Quality and Compliance Manager, Morrison Water Services Ltd

Barbour Consolidated has made access to up-to-date legislation simple and easy.

The summaries and overviews mean that I can get a quick understanding of the implications of the legislation and the access to the full document means everything is in one place.

Registration is simple and the team are friendly and efficient. They have been quick to answer my questions and fun to work with.

The system is user friendly and our employees have registered in greater numbers that we anticipated demonstrating how popular the system is.

There is no doubt that Barbour Consolidated is value for money and a quality service that we would not do without now we are subscribers.

International Consultancy and Training Provider

The Barbour Comprehensive service that have been developed, in essence, is an information portal containing everything from Statutory Instruments to toolbox talks. This is managed by Barbour EHS who have a team reviewing and updating information daily. The information, for example, from the HSE has been rewritten in layman’s terms with important details highlighted thus saving the user time on having to review whole documents for information.

Within the portal are industry/subject specific areas with links to further areas of information again this will in my opinion enable safety professionals to quickly and efficiently access up-to-date relevant information thus allowing them to spend more time doing the main role of ensuring people go home from work safe and healthy.

Though, as with all things, there is a cost implication, this was in no way prohibitive to acquiring the service in my opinion. On reflection, I would also say that the service would be an extremely good investment for small business owners who are unable to finance full time internal/external HSEQ assistance and would consider this portal to be invaluable to both these and HSEQ professionals.

Health & Safety Manager

We have used the Barbour Comprehensive service for the last two years and have found it easy to operate and very useful and efficient. The briefing documents save us time and are always well received.

Group Health, Safety and Environment Manager, Stannah Group

As a Worldwide Facilities Manager, it is important to understand the laws, legislation and regulations that are in place in the countries that you manage. The Barbour Comprehensive UK and international solution gives me this.  With the information available, it allows me to do things such as planning budgets in these countries, understand areas such as labour laws but ultimately ensures that we are caring for the employees and stores in the right way.

Since finding Barbour it has revolutionised the way we work in our organisation and I can highly recommend this solution to all FMs and HR teams whether they work in the UK, Europe or in a global position.

Worldwide Facilities Manager, Retail & Wholesale

Barbour saves time and the support from the team is excellent.

Barbour Comprehensive makes providing technical support and advice to my business much easier. Having UK and international legislation, guidance, standards, audit tools and training in one place enables me to find information quickly and easily and saves me time on almost a daily basis.

I also administrate our Barbour account and the support the Barbour customer service team provide to me, and the training offered to new users is excellent and always receives positive feedback from our teams.

Senior Supply Chain Manager, Babcock International

Since using Barbour’s Comprehensive platform we’ve found it to be extremely beneficial to our business and very user friendly.

In addition, the team are supportive, friendly, knowledgeable and excellent to work with.

Health & Safety Coordinator, Property Management Organisation

Skymark Packaging International, a leading independent flexible packaging Manufacturer, has teamed up with Barbour in December 2018.

We have found the Platform to be very helpful in ensuring we meet our Legal obligations and stay abreast of any new developments.

In addition, we have had the opportunity to help shape a project Barbour has been working on, which will further add to our ability to be ahead of the game in all matters of compliance.

The team have been great to work with, the induction process was excellent, and all involved have been very supportive.

We would certainly recommend this service to anyone seeking the best option to be compliant.

Compliance & Accreditations Manager, Skymark Packaging International

On behalf of our organisation, we would like to say thank you for the services Barbour have provided. As a business, Barbour has shown us that one click of a button has answered a lot of our enquiries in relation to health, quality, safety and environment. Our account manager has helped not only myself, but others, guiding them through any queries we had. Keep up the good work. As we meet and succeed the day to day challenges as a business we will endeavor to keep our partnership with Barbour a solid one as we both strive for even safer future.

Manager, Construction, Civil Engineering and Property Services

I have been using Barbour for almost 4 years now since my appointment as a Protection (Fire Safety) Officer. My initial (and I believe most of Officers) usage was to check current British Standards and other technical documents to ensure we were up to date and maintaining continuity, an important part of our role. Once I became more proficient in its use and speaking to one of your colleagues some time ago, I set up a number of bookmarks within Shared Folders to reduce search time for all of our users so we have access to the more common documents all of the time.

Following on from our training session last week to familiarise myself with Administration duties etc. you have now me made me aware of other resources e.g. Technical Guides, Directors Briefing, Record Forms etc. that I believe we will use extensively in the near future as a service.

Your training, knowledge and willingness to ensure we get the most from the service is second to none, I am now planning to run some in house familiarisation sessions with all of our officers to ensure we all use the service to its maximum capability.

Fire Safety Officer, Suffolk Fire & Rescue Service

We use Barbour on a daily basis to help advise our clients on FM topics that help them to remain totally compliant as a business. We use Barbour to support us with legislation updates, best practice, up to date case law to help our clients understand legal precedence and deliver toolbox talks to support FMs and their teams on a vast array of subjects.

Most recently we supported a client with gas detection equipment for use in confined spaces where our client was likely to expose contractors onto their site to methane gas and what they could do to ensure their safety. Our client read a variety of documents from the HSE, World Health Organisation and Barbour resources with their guide on confined spaces to help them to develop a policy and put in place appropriate risk assessments and processes as a direct result of the advice we gave them from the Barbour system.

We can honestly say that, without Barbour, our clients would be less informed and less compliant when it comes to FM topics.

Director, B2B services

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