A bright future for Barbour EHS as part of Inflexion

July 10, 2024

In February 2024, we announced that Marlowe plc had agreed to sell Barbour EHS, William Martin, Elogs and Prosure360 to Inflexion, a leading investment firm. Now that this has received regulatory approval, we wanted to let you know what happens next.


As a customer of Barbour EHS, what does this mean for me?

Everything is business as usual. The service you receive from us, your existing contractual arrangements, and the teams you deal with will remain the same.


The future of Barbour EHS

We have a bright future ahead of us. Our recent business performance has been strong, and with Inflexion’s backing, we are excited to continue investing and developing our leading software platforms, as well as providing our clients with the fantastic service they know and love.

 Teresa Dier, Managing Director of Barbour EHS, said: “The last few years have been exciting for Barbour EHS’s clients. We’ve seen great investments in replatforming our products, which will be released at the end of this year. We’ve also seen our teams expand significantly, and we’re excited to see where we go next with Inflexion’s support.”

 Beatriz Shorrock, Chief Executive of The SRC Group said: “Barbour EHS, William Martin, Prosure360 and Elogs are in a highly successful period of business growth and technology advancement, especially with the continued integration of our brands and products. With Inflexion’s backing, we can continue to accelerate these plans and invest in our valued clients by delivering best in class products and services, that just keep getting better.”

✉️ If you have any questions, feel free to drop an email to enquiries@barbour-ehs.com.


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