Save time

Why spend your time wading through multiple legislation websites? Why labour over figuring out the questions you need to ask to stay compliant? Why hire an expensive consultant to translate legal jargon?

Barbour EHS is your total solution, delivering the information you need directly to your organisation.

Changes in legislation and the law, reductions in resources and budget, and an increase in workload leads to a knock-on effect of less time to do even more!

Locating succinct documents can be tricky and many information sources can be uncontrolled and opinion based. Instead of wasting time searching multiple resources, Barbour EHS provides one central resource library for you to search, read and save. With over 800 publishers, including HSE, Case Law and Legislation, Barbour EHS pulls together all the up-to-date documents you need as well as producing our own guides which are written by industry experts.

Ensure you don’t waste valuable time reading unnecessary documents. The factual summaries within Barbour EHS allow you to browse and decide whether the document is relevant to your business. If the document is updated or amended the built-in alert function will automatically send an email alert to your inbox, directing you to the updates document.

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Stay compliant

Ensure your business and property is fully complaint to the latest legislative updates. Common practice across businesses involves downloading and centrally saving key documents as a reference tool. However, these resources are often left unmonitored and keeping a central library up to date can leave room for error.

Barbour EHS not only provides the most up to date information, we also send you email alerts if any documents you have expressed an interest in are amended. Our weekly newsletters perfectly summarise the changes and updates across all areas. Allowing you to feel reassured that you and your business are remaining compliant.

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Bespoke updates

Identifying and keeping up-to-date with the regulation and news specific to you and your organisation’s needs can become a job within itself, particularly with the knock-on effects of connected regulation.

Barbour EHS allows you to cut through the wide range of Health and Safety information, regulation and Technical Guides to get right to the core of what affects you and your organisation. The Barbour EHS Bookmarking tools, Personalised folders and bespoke updates bring any update straight to you so that you don’t have to come looking.

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