Resilience – Toolbox Talk

Resilience is the ability to bounce back or adapt to difficulties, problems or trauma in life. Everybody has resilience, but some people bounce back more easily than others.

As an employer, it’s essential that you train your team on mental health practices and how to proactively build their resilience to help prevent undue stress.

Download your free copy of our Toolbox Talk which takes you through:

• What is resilience?

• When do we need resilience?

• How do we build resilience?

• Managing your thinking

• Other aspects to resilience

This is only available for free until Friday 13th October 2023! Download your ready-to-use copy today and see how it will support you with training your teams.


While we’ve got you…

Why not check out our Mental Health & Wellbeing module to see how we can empower you to support your teams and understand your obligations?

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